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Low Voltage and Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling is one of the most critical yet least understood elements of a communications system. We specialize in analyzing and providing customized voice and data (copper) or fiber optic cable solutions that satisfy each client’s requirements.

Technotime offers a complete solution to all aspects of a total and successful cable installation. As a licensed and insured contractor we bring years of experience, and we have become very versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs and demands. Be it a unique structure that requires not-so-standard methods of installation, a unique technology requiring a combination of topologies or a requirement for work to be completed on short notice – whatever the unique requirements – you can count on Technotime for complete support and professionalism from start to finish.

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Voice and Data Copper Cabling

Technotime specializes in installing structured cabling for both voice and data, Cat 3 and Cat 5 for voice, depending on your requirement, Cat 5E and Cat 6 for Data. We will work with you to successfully install a complete, easy-to-manage cable infrastructure.

To accomplish this, all cabling must be run in a neat and orderly manner. This will ensure easy-to-maintain cabling for future diagnostics, strictly following TIA/568 standards.

We work with a variety of cabling manufacturers to provide you the best solutions at a competitive price.

Low Voltage Cable Types

Fiber Optics

Technotime has extensive experience in single- and multi-mode fiber optic systems, mostly used as a backbone in large networks, where large distances need to be covered and where regular copper would not be able to carry the signal over the distance.

Whether you need single-mode, multi-mode, a short cable run or need to tie together multiple buildings miles apart, Communications Solutions, Inc. can help design, install, and maintain your next fiber optic project.

We are certified by the Electronics Technicians Association. We own all the required equipment to properly install, test and splice fiber optics without ever out sourcing or needing to rent equipment. From OTDR’s to Fusion Splicers we can handle any fiber optic request.

Testing & Warranty

Once installation is complete, Technotime will test and certify every part of the system to ensure that all of the products are performing correctly. Customers are also provided with documentation in both hard and soft copy formats with any recommendations for improvement of the infrastructure.


Upon completion of any work performed, Technotime undergoes a series of industry standard testing and certifications on your cabling. This guarantees your installation is top-notch, and ensures your new or existing infrastructure meets or exceeds the industry standards.

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